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No Mixing No Refrigeration

Want an Easy to Serve Dog Supplement?

easy to serve dog supplement

Our individual packets are a “treat” for you!

Goodness Gravy is an easy to serve dog supplement with 37 vitamins, nutrients, minerals and enzymes. Each box of Goodness Gray comes with 30 individual sealed serving packets. Our airtight packets keeps each serving fresh, delicious and ready to go.


If you haven’t seen our packets, they are very similar to individual ketchup packets you have seen everywhere. They tear open easily making it so simple to add to your dog’s meal. Because of our convenient unique packaging, you can grab a handful of packets and take them on the road with you so you don’t miss a day.


You don’t have to worry about measuring. Each individual packet contains a ½ ounce of ready to serve gravy. Our packaging system is ideal for portion control.


You don’t have to struggle with mixing powders and making a mess. You just tear open the packet and drizzle the gravy over your dog’s food. You can also serve it alone on a plate or add to water.


Can’t stand the thought of having a dog food product in your refrigerator? Stop the worry. Goodness Gravy needs only a cool dry storage location. Keep it right next to the dog’s food for convenience.

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