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Digestive Care for Dogs

Important Digestive Enzymes for Dogs?

Digestive Enzymes for Dogs

Yes, Goodness Gravy has them too!

Digestive enzymes for dogs have a dual purpose with their internal system. Enzymes can greatly improve a dog’s digestion as well as aiding in the absorption of nutrients (see the connection?). We include:


  • Alpha Amylase – helps with starch digestion
  • Cellulase – helps with fiber digestion
  • Lipase – helps with fat digestion
  • Lactase – helps with dairy digestion
  • Neutral Protease – helps with protein digestion


Digestive enzymes for dogs are essential for improved food digestion and better nutrient absorption. Enzymes are also beneficial to a dog’s overall general health and are essential substances that a dog’s body uses food digestion, fuel production, tissue repair, and more. Better digestion means better overall health with fewer problems such as bloat, gas, loose stools, bad breath and body odor. “It wasn’t me it was the dog” will no longer work as an excuse in your house! 🙂


Why do dogs need digestive enzymes? There are two source for enzymes: 1. A dog’s body produces its own enzymes, and 2. from their diet. Your dog’s pancreas produces protease, amylase and lipase but it’s questionable whether it is enough to completely digest food.


Given that, their diet plays an important role in making up the deficiency. However, for food to retain its natural enzymes, it must be uncooked (unheated). Canned and dry food require extremely high temperatures during manufacturing, thus destroying live enzymes present in the food. If the manufacturer adds back enzymes to the food, it is often broken-down further during processing and air infiltration.


We understand the deficiencies that are cronic in the pet food industry. The digestive enzymes for dogs in Goodness Gravy will supplement enzymes lost in the food manufacturing process. Our airtight packets ensure the enzymes survive.

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