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Digestive Care for Dogs

Important Enzymes for Digestive Health & Balance

digestive care for dogs

Prebiotic Enzymes

Enzymes are essential for a dog’s food digestion and nutrient absorption. Enzymes are also beneficial to a dog’s general health. Enzymes are essentially substances that a dog’s body uses food digestion, fuel production, tissue repair, and more. Better digestion means better overall health with fewer problems such as bloat, gas, loose stools, bad breath and body odor. Goodness Gravy is formulated with digestive enzyme complex containing:

  • Alpha Amylase – helps with starch digestion
  • Cellulase – helps with fiber digestion
  • Lipase – helps with fat digestion
  • Lactase – helps with dairy digestion
  • Neutral Protease – helps with protein digestion
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Andrew K.Andrew K.
My parents have been giving Brady Goodness Gravy every day for months. He loves the flavor so much, he won't touch his food until we add the gravy.
Bella AnneBella Anne

I had so much fun getting to play and eat all day while filming for Goodness Gravy! Check them out - their gravy is divine if I do say so myself!

My energetic vizsla was a picky eater. Her food sat there all day and got hard. Once I add Goodness Gravy, she licks the bowl clean!
Happy DeloresHappy Delores
Delores loves the flavor of Goodness Gravy.  For me, it's easy to use.  It was hard to get Delores to take her vitamins until now!
Kyle MuiseKyle Muise
The best stuff around!!!  We can't keep it in the house!!  Canon loves it so much she sniffs out the empty packet from the garbage after we throw them away
Barri O.Barri O.
My dog loves the bacon flavor!  It's delicious!  I love the all the health benefits
Goodness Gravy