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Convenient Packets for Travel

Individual Convenient Packets To Take On The Road

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Take Goodness Gravy on the Road

Our lives are so busy, that we all wish we had more time in our day. We took that into consideration when engineering the packaging system for Goodness Gravy. We looked at a variety of different packaging options, but ultimately decided on convenient individual packets that are similar to ketchup packets.

Here’s why you will love our decision:

  • Convenient Travel – we take our dog’s everywhere. If you are going away for a few days, just pop a few packets into your dog’s food bag and you without any trouble, your dog can enjoy Goodness Gravy on the road.
  • Portion Control – each packet is carefully measured so your dog is getting the same amount of Gravy every time.
  • No Mixing – No powders to mix or measure. No mess to clean up.
  • No Refrigeration – Our packet technology creates an airtight seal keeping Goodness Gravy fresh. The airtight seal eliminates the need to refrigerate.

Can’t bring your dog on your road trip? Did you know that a very common reason for a kennel to call is your dog’s refusal to eat? A dog’s separation anxiety often manifest into a leading to a temporary eating disorder. The more “creature” comforts from home the better chance your dog will have a smooth transition. You should also bring enough daily servings of Goodness Gravy for his food to make sure you don’t get that call and have to cut your vacation short.

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