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The Story Behind Goodness Gravy Dog Supplement

Goodness Gravy dog supplement was developed to keep your dog healthy and happy! The people behind Goodness Gravy are active sports people that ski, play tennis, bike, run and exercise. Jack and Andrew play competitive sports in school as well. To fuel all these activities, we all try to eat healthy, but with our busy schedules, we don’t always get all the vitamins and minerals our body’s need in order to function at a high level.  To compensate, we take vitamin supplements to make up any shortfall.  Dogs are no different.  They need a nutritional diet to function at a high level and stay healthy just like us.  Goodness Gravy is the solution to a dog’s nutritional needs!


In 2011, we adopted labradoodle from Rhode Island farm. Our oldest son has a pet allergy, so this breed was an excellent choice for us. He was born during hurricane Irene here on the east coast. We lost power for nearly a week. We picked him up just before Halloween and we had a freak nor’easter snow storm that day. We lost power again for several days. All the leaves were still on the trees and the power lines came down. We wanted to name him Storm, but we settled on Brady Storm.


Like his family, Brady is very active. He loves the dog park and long walks. He plays in the snow all day non-stop. It’s tough to get him to come inside. We want to make sure Brady is getting all the vitamins and nutrition in his diet. The food we were buying made all these claims, but we couldn’t figure out what he was getting in each serving based on the confusing labeling. Then we did some research and found out that many of the vitamins and nutrients in dry dog food are lost in the high temperature baking process. More are lost due to oxidation during shipping and storage. We had our answer. Brady wasn’t getting enough.


We looked a different products on the market and found them to be a lot of work to prepare or too expensive. We researched  different options and decided to make our own pet supplement product. We contacted a leading pet food scientist who helped us create a careful formula dog supplement of 37 vitamin, nutrients, minerals and enzymes to create a “SUPERFOOD”. After careful consideration, we decided to put the nutrients in a flavorful gravy that can be drizzled on dry food, added to water or served alone on a plate. It’s the perfect combination because your dog can get essential vitamins and nutrients in a great tasting gravy that enhances his boring dry food.


We made Goodness Gravy easy for busy pet parents to serve and store. After careful research, we are using the latest dosage controlled packing technology.  Each individual serving is sealed tight in a tear open packet to guarantee freshness. There is no mixing, measuring or refrigeration required. No mess to clean up either!


We learned that the pet industry has a reluctance to consider new products and companies. There are a few big companies that dominate the industry while smaller companies find it difficult to gain attention. Given that, we decided to bring Goodness Gravy directly to dog owners using television and stepping around the pet industry barriers. We partnered with the top people in the television product industry to tell our story. They did an amazing job.


Today, Brady is a happy and healthy dog with lots of energy. We are confident his daily serving of Goodness Gravy will ensure he has a long and healthy life. Jack and Andrew look forward to many happy and healthy years together with their buddy Brady!



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